Helen Dearnley Fine Art & Illustration

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Peace Painting 2016 - current

In 2016, Helen undertook a research trip to Nordland, Norway, funded by the Norwegian Embassy, to meet with Norwegian artists for Peace Painting workshops with some refugees from Afghanistan.

You can find out more in her blog here

The trip is the start of Peace Painting here in Lincoln, UK, with workshops in schools.

"Manga Magne" & "Minor Magne" dolls
Magne Furuholmen "Scrabble" Exhibition, 2007

Helen has worked with Magne Furuholmen since 2007, when she created a doll for his "Scrabble" exhibition at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand, Norway.

Magne Furuholmen's "Scrabble" exhibition, 2007


Manga Magne is one of  two  dolls made for  Magne  Furuholmen's  2007 exhibition  at  Sørlandets  Kunstmuseum,  Kristiansand, Norway.


"Manga Magne" 2007

  dimensions variable

  fabric, thread, wire, cotton wadding, wool, sequins.

The Cabinet of Curiosities, 2008

The Cupboard Project was a  collaborative project, joint curated by  a group of  artists from the  University of Lincoln.

The project offers a mini exhibition  space within a cupboard as a platform  for artists to exhibit small scale work.


The Cabinet of Curiosities was the  initial exhibition to launch The  Cupboard Project, a group exhibition  between Helen Dearnley, Gail Young,  Anna Mather, Louise Mc Kendrick and  Sam Lyons. March 2008.


The Cupboard Project then became  available for other artists to exhibit  their work in, and continued for Lincoln Summer Gala, 2009.


As part of The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Helen showed retrospective work  "Perfectus Pupae et Hominis  Cicatricosus".